Some skills acquired along the way...

Both Christine and I are retired Canadian teachers, non-smokers, and non-drinkers. Over the past 25 years we have had many adventures including living in Costa Rica for a year where we were teachers at The European School. Christine has 27 years in the classroom and I have taught ESL (English as a Second Language) over the past 10 years. We live in a rural area in our own stone house we built in '79/80 and live a simple life style that lets us travel which we enjoy very much. We have both traveled to many countries and looked after houses and animals as detailed on this site. We hope to visit many new and interesting places in years to come.

A young deer nibbles on the last beans after a frost in our organic garden. We have raised all our vegetables for many years plus an abundance of flowers using organic methods. Every year when the garden is over for the season, we take down the fence and let the deer and rabbits browse the leftovers. They always seem to leave enough for us to nibble on too. Christine grows a large variety of flowers each year and I raise the vegetables. We enjoy gardening and love to see the plants flourish.

After a frost the nasturtiums growing inside the garden shed were still happy.


Owning and managing a working farm requires a jack-of-all-trades at times. I had already been doing my own mechanical work for years on my vehicles and now used this knowledge to advantage with tractors, harrows, bailers, spreaders and other farm equipment. Before farming I had worked in the Electrical/Electronics industry for a few years and so understand and can work with electricity and electric equipment. In addition, while building our stone house, I added plumbing, masonry, carpentry and other skills to my experience bank. After we sold the farm, we operated a craft business for ten years and here I perfected woodworking skills making many items for sale from large to small. So I acquired a valuable, experience-based practical education in how to fix things, and keep them in good shape. It has served us well over the years and also has come in handy at different house sits where I repaired problems such as a leaking water line and broken electrical appliances. Once I had to come to the aid of a trapped steer and help lift him out of his predicament with the aid of a tractor, without which I am sure he would have died. (He escaped unscathed and after a check by the veterinarian was back to his old self in no time.)

Christine brings skills aquired from many years living in our rural area and besides being very good with animals, has a passion for plants and flowers which served us well during one house sit where she maintained about 50 potted plants of all sizes for one home owner. Chris studied Holistic Land Management with Allen Savory and is a strong supporter of Environmental Sustainability.

Over the years we have enjoyed a variety of animal pets besides all our farm animals. Some very lovable and eccentric cats, a few who lived in the house and some who preferred the barn. Also several dogs (beagles, border collie, and foxhound). Plus a few horses (riding and working horses)and a pony who liked to nibble on people just for fun. So we are comfortable with animals and like to get to know each one's different personality. These are some of the skills we can bring to a house sit along with the assurance that we will look after your home and animal/s as we would our own: with care and kindness. To contact us email: