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The stone house we built in 1980.

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House Sitting History

A profile of the places and lovely animals we have taken care of over the past several years.

In the fall of 2006 Christine and I house sat in Nova Scotia for a month while the owners went to New Zealand on vacation. We looked after "Doob" (shown in the picture with Christine) plus 3 cats who could freely roam the property via a cat door. We burned wood in a big old Vermont Castings wood stove that heated the large house along with an oil furnace back up. It was a great house sit and we kept contact with the owners via email and did other small chores like taking Doob for daily long walks, collecting mail, house cleaning and passing on phone messages, etc.

In October 2007 we house sat and looked after a large working cattle farm for a month while the owners took a well deserved vacation. Since we had owned and operated our own farm in years past, we were comfortable looking after 50 cattle, goats, chickens, guinea hens, two goats and two dogs. I moved the cattle each day through a pasture rotation system that John, the owner, was using with great success. The tractor was for moving large hay bales to feed the cattle.

Zoe, one of the dogs, accompanied us wherever we went on the large farm and was a great companion.

A view of one of the pastures on the farmsit.

In the Spring of 2009 we looked after the same farm again. Here is Chris with a new arrival in March.

In December 2009 we drove south from Canada and across the southern United States to the hills of New Mexico to another house sit. The photo shows the view from the front of the house.

Here we spent a month looking after Susie the Malamute and Zapatos the golden cat.


We took Susie on daily hikes in the hills and celebrated the Winter Solstice with her.

New Mexico was a wonderful place and the home owners were too. We became very good friends and plan on seeing each other again. We returned to Canada and thought about our next house sit the following fall.

To our surprise we ended up in Portugal where we house sat for 6 weeks in Dec-Jan 2010/11 at a beautiful town in the south of the country. Once again the home owners were gracious, kind people and we looked after their black Lab named Joana while they were away.

Joana loved her daily long walks along the seashore and then home through the forest. She was happy to lead the way and came back often to make sure we were following her.

Joana with her "How about going for a walk" look...

In the fall of 2012 we again looked after the same farm we had in previous years except this year there were sheep. Percy was the big ram and he was a friendly sort, unless your back was turned. He enjoyed moving you along with a firm nudge from behind.

Zoe the black Lab hadn't forgotten us and, as usual, was eager to get started in the morning...

In the winter of 2014 we went to Mexico and rented a small casita for 3 months and enjoyed it immensely. The next winter (2015) we went again to Mexico, this time as house sitters, and looked after a lovely house in the highlands of Mexico plus a wonderful Toy Poodle named Pip. (He was just a pup at that time)

Pip liked to be close to us and enjoyed a nap when we were reading.

In the winters of 2016 and 2017 we again looked after Pip for his owner and spent time in Mexico afterward. In the winter of 2018 we went again to Mexico to house sit with Pip once more. In 2019/2020 we went to the Yucatan of Mexico and spent 4 months in a small town teaching English. Then of course the Pandemic came along and we didn't travel for 3 years. But beginning in December 2023 we will be looking for other places to house sit that create a good exchange for the home owner and ourselves and that would fit with our plans already in place. Feel free to contact us with your needs and questions. We will be happy to communicate and maybe another great adventure will be underway. To contact us email: christeve3@gmail.com